Refund Policy

  • If you are not satisfied with the paper, you can submit a revision request within 14 days of receiving the paper. If you require changes in the paper after this time frame, you will have to place a new order for editing/rewriting.

    收到文章后14天内,如果您对文章不满意,请直接提交revision。登录你的账号,找到相应的订单号,点击Revision按钮,即可提交修改要求。 如果超出14天,请重新提交编辑或者写作订单。

  • Revision instructions should not be in conflict with the original instructions. Any change in the original instructions will be considered as a new order or a rewrite, and it will be charged according to our regular pricing.


  1. Canceled orders and Missed Deadlines 订单取消或超出截止时间

    • If the task is canceled by the client, we refund the payment back to the wallet. If the writer has not started on the task yet, we will offer a full refund. If the writer has already started, we will offer a partial refund, depending on how much work the writer has done. The partial work will be submitted to the client upon request.
    • If we are not able to do the task, either because we don’t know how to do it, or the due time is too short, the client will be notified as soon as possible, and the payment will be refunded to the client’s original payment. For example, if the client makes the payment with a bank card, we will refund back to the same card.
    • If we miss the deadline, we will re-bill the task based on the new due time and refund the difference in price to the client’s wallet. Meanwhile, we will refund 10% of the new price back to the wallet. If the client agrees to give us an extension or if the reason for the delay is because the client does not provide the required materials, then there will not be a refund.
      若订单超出原始截止时间,我们将按照订单最终完成的时间,重新结算费用,并且将差价退还至账户钱包。同时,我们将做10%的退款,退款按照最新价格计算,并退还至账户钱包。以下两种情况,不包含在退款承诺之内:1. 客户同意延长订单截止时间。2. 客户没有及时提供完成订单所需材料,导致订单超出原始截止时间。
  2. Other refunds  100%满意保证,不满意全额退款承诺

    • How to request a refund:Please provide 1. Task ID. 2. Grade. 3. Detailed feedback. Email the request to The refund request should be submitted within two months of receiving the order. Refunds that are submitted after two months will not be processed.

      请提供 1. 订单号 (task ID),2. 文章得分,3. 文章详细的feedback以及您对文章不满意的地方,并发送至,我们会有专人负责并在7个工作日内给您回复。退款申请需要在收到文章后2个月之内提交。超出2个月的退款申请将不予受理。

    • Your satisfaction is most important to us. We will process the refund requests case by case. If it is our fault, we will offer a full refund when you are not satisfied with our service.你的满意是我们的使命。每一个退款申请,我们都会仔细审核feedback,并且给你一个满意的答复。若因为SimpleTense的全权责任,造成您对这个订单不满意,成绩B-以下 (不包括B-,即为100分以内的79分以下,不包括79分。每个国家、地区、学校的评分标准稍有不同,具体以Rubric为准。通常,加拿大地区评分标准和美国不同,B-以下为70分以下;英国地区的订单,为50%以下)我们将作出全额退款。提交退款申请时,请务必提供详细的feedback。如果您的教授无法提供详细的feedback,请您指出您对文章不满意的地方。

    All refunds will be credited to the client’s wallet along with a voucher for a 20% discount on the next order.

    We will not offer a full refund if any of the conditions is met:

    1. Editing tasks.
    2. Simple Writing tasks.
    3. Client changes the paper and the paper they submit is different from ours.
    4. Additional reading/materials are needed to complete the tasks but were not provided in advance.
    5. Client provides the outline/sources and the writer follows this outline.
    6. Orders with less than a 12 hour turnaround time.
    7. Client refuses to provide detailed feedback.
    8. If the prompt is for a college course, and a high school-level paper is ordered, the writing will be at the high school level and not a college level. This includes the language and the analysis. In this case, the refund guarantee will not apply. The same policy applies if the prompt is for a graduate course, and a college-level paper is ordered.



    1. Editing订单
    2. Simple Writing订单
    3. 客户在SimpleTense完成的文章上作出修改
    4. 客户未提供完成订单所需的材料,包括课堂笔记,阅读材料,textbook等
    5. 客户提供文章的提纲或文献,并且写手根据该提纲完成订单
    6. Urgency短于12小时的订单
    7. 客户不予配合,拒绝提供详细的feedback
    8. 客户选择的服务选项与论文本身要求不符,比如本科水平的文章,下单时选择高中写作的服务。或者是研究生水平的文章,下单时选择本科写作。
    9. 若本科水平的文章,客户选择高中水平的服务,那么我们将按照高中水平写作,同时订单不提供退款承诺。同理,若研究生水平的文章,客户选择本科水平的服务,也不符合退款条件。