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目标学校:University of Southern California, Marshall Business School 南加州大学马歇尔商学院

目标专业:Finance 金融          

美国研究生申请 PS范文

       My name is XXX, and I am applying for the Marshall School of Business MS in Finance program. I’m a transfer student from UCLA who earned a degree in Economics. While my undergraduate GPA is not as strong as I like, I plan to excel in my graduate studies.



        My undergrad years were too ambitious: in addition to strengthening my English-speaking skills, I spent too much time managing my real estate business instead of classwork. I am now confident in my English skill sets and, with my business on a secure footing, I plan to devote much more time to my graduate studies.



        Despite my academic grades, I am still optimistic about my strong candidacy at Marshall. My degree in Economics prepared me to transition into finance, and my coursework provided me with a good foundation as I embark on graduate work. Among the courses I took are Econometrics and Accounting Principles, both of which empowered me to gain insight into financial markets and economic systems.


美国研究生生申请 个人陈述范文

        A Master of Science in Finance degree will enable me to achieve both my short term and long term goals. I plan to pursue a career in investment banking while advancing my real estate business. A degree in finance will give me the tools necessary to flourish in both. I will have the skill sets necessary to conduct mergers, acquisitions, and to leverage buyouts, which are essential for any corporation that plans to grow.


       My real estate business is currently small, and for it to realize its full potential, an in-depth understanding of financial management is crucial. In my undergraduate studies, I gained a great deal of understanding of economic theory and practice, but I know I still have far to go. Bolstering my knowledge and experience with enhanced financial skills, such as the courses offered in Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis and Valuation, will not only empower me in the field of real estate but also benefit my present and future clients as well.


美国研究生申请 商学院

           Of course, great courses can’t be taught unless there are great teachers, and USC Marshall has no shortage of excellent faculty members. I’ve spent time reading published papers by Dr. Cary Frydman, Dr. Lisa Cavanaugh, and Dr. Yanhui Wu to stay on top of the latest developments in economic research and business models. I was particularly fascinated by Professor Frydman’s research on how reactions to stock market trading are observed on a neurological level, as biology and the stock market don’t readily come to mind (images of the “bull market” notwithstanding!) and I marveled at the possibilities of interdisciplinary research. I also thought Professor Wu’s 2016 paper on the role that government plays in social media accounts in China was quite intriguing because it demonstrated the ties between government and the public’s opinion on political and economic issues.


        Reading these types of papers made me realize how expansive the field of business is, and I am excited at the prospects of contributing to the growing literature of business research and practice while earning a Master of Science in Finance degree from USC Marshall.


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